A new decentralized Financial Platform utilizing Multi BlockChain with the Aaron System Platform.

EveryCoin Overview

The Aaron Platform is a new financial platform with the aim of spreading free financial accounts and freely exchanging money among people all over the world.


Aaron Platform consists of Main BlockChain and Side BlockChains.

Main BlockChain

Through the Financing Platform, we provide financial services such as Deposit, Withdraw and Transfer of all the currencies of the world, and Everycoin is used as the settlement currency of the platform.

Side BlockChain

Via the Bank-free platform, we provide free banking services to the financial Exclusion in 10 nations of Southeast Asian and all people who need new financial services.


By creating a digital currency, you can secure the trust of your digital currency through the consensus of your own chain and verification of the Aaron Main BlockChain.

Token Details

  • Total Supply

  • Platform

  • Fee

  • Transaction Speed
    30,000 TPS (5,000x faster than Bitcoin)

TabiPay System

A new financial service built with BlockChain technology for people who do not have financial accounts.

You do not need to visit an existing bank to open a financial account.

Convenience store, pawn shop or supermarket near you will function like a bank and you can deposit, withdraw and transfer money at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can pay at your convenience at any time through the TabiPay App without a credit card or cash card.

TabiPay is Stable Coin which is exchanged 1 : 1 with Thailand Baht and can be exchanged for Everycoin which is used in Aaron Platform and for national currency or various digital currency.

TabiPay is issued within the value limits of Everycoin to guarantee issuance, and FIAT Currency’s reserved deposit is fully secured to the bank for double security.

The EveryCoin Economy

A new digital economy is emerging.  This is your chance to participate.